Free GP education

As part of our commitment to evidence-based practice, we provide free Continuing Professional Development sessions for GPs in Galway. These sessions have a strong clinical focus with the aim of supporting GPs in their clinical decision-making and referrals. These sessions can be tailored to local need but a provisional list of initial topics for each discipline includes:


Clinical Psychology

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy for bipolar disorder
  • Mental Health problems: a brief overview of evidence and guidelines
  • Assessing risk in people with mental health problems
  • Psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder



  • The GP assessment of the painful shoulder
  • Knee pain: orthopaedics, rheumatology, physiotherapy or GP care?
  • Managing patients with chronic pain – when can physiotherapy or pain management approaches help?
  • Arm pain related to keyboards: Why we need to stop calling it RSI


We will be advertising the first of these in mid-March. If you are a GP and are interested in a teaching session on any of these topics or have other learning needs then please contact us at or call the clinic.