2nd opinion appointments with Eoin Ó Conaire

Eoin Ó Conaire’s clinical reasoning model of the shoulder

What is a 2nd opinion appointment?

Chartered physiotherapist and shoulder specialist – Eoin Ó Conaire – regularly sees patients that are undergoing treatment with other physiotherapists. The idea is to provide an opinion on diagnosis or further management. Typically these are patients that are complex or have multiple difficulties. Eoin receives referrals from physiotherapists all over the country who would like advice or guidance or simply a fresh pair of eyes on a patient. Sometimes the patient attends with their current physiotherapist. 


How is this appointment different from a regular physiotherapy appointment?

This type of appointment is slightly different from a regular physiotherapy assessment because Eoin often has to spend extra time going through the history and carrying out a physical examination. It is also different because Eoin will not usually see the patient again for treatment and in that one session he needs to try to determine what will be the best treatment approaches or management plan for the patient. He then provides a detailed report on his findings and recommendations.

Eoin will spend a significant portion of the appointment explaining his findings to the person and weighing up the pros and cons and risks and benefits of the different treatment options. By the end of the session the patient will

  • have a clear understanding of their condition
  • have discussed if there is a need for further investigations
  • know the risks and benefits of different treatment options such as physiotherapy, injections or surgery
  • have agreed a treatment plan


How to book an appointment for a 2nd opinion with Eoin

2nd opinion appointments can be booked by the patient by calling Evidence-Based Therapy Centre on 091 727777. We also accept referral letters from other healthcare professionals. These can be emailed to admin@ebtc.ie or posted to Evidence-Based Therapy Centre, First Floor Geata na Cathrach, Fairgreen Road, Galway. The price for a 2nd opinion appointment including detailed report is €150.