Alex McDonagh

Alex McDonagh

Practice Secretary

Alex McDonagh joined the team as practice secretary at Evidence-Based Therapy Centre in May 2019, to help meet the demands of a growing team and provide extended services for our clients.

Alex is a graduate of the National University of Ireland Galway with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and information technology. Before joining the Evidence-Based Therapy Centre team, Alex developed her customer service and management skills as a long-time business owner.

Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role in the practice. Her friendly and amiable manner helps to put our clients at ease, and is an asset to the team. Alongside Jennifer Power, Alex acts as a point of contact for all of your bookings, and works to ensure the smooth running of the practice.

Contact us on 091-727777 Monday to Wednesday 9am to 7:30pm, and Thursdays and Fridays 9am to 5pm for all bookings, appointments or inquires about our full range of services.