Couple & Psychosexual therapy

Evidenced Based Therapy Centre is delighted to introduce the first ever private Couple & Psychosexual Team in Ireland. All therapists in this team have been trained in psychosexual therapy at Tavistock Relationships, London and each team member brings their own individual training and background into the psychosexual work.

Team background and experience

Linsey Blair is the team lead & supervisor. Her background is couple psychodynamic psychotherapy with the MSc in Psychosexual Therapy. Anthony Burke & Lucy Chamberlin are individually trained and accredited therapists experienced in EMDR and CBT. Sharmila Dutt trained in individual psychodynamic therapy and then couple psychodynamic therapy before training as a sex therapist. Afrah Al-yufrusi is an accredited Art Psychotherapist with a history of working with psychodynamically with families, children and couples. All of the therapists are members of the sex therapists main accrediting body the College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) and they work within their ethical codes. They are all trained to use the Sensate Model of Sex Therapy as originally devised by Masters & Johnson. This involves setting behavioural, sensual exercises that the couple do at home at their own pace. There are also exercises for individuals struggling with sexual and relationship difficulties that your therapist can set. The team are all trained in and specialise in online therapy so as you can work from the comfort of your own home. We also have limited face to face to availability for those who need it.

What do we treat?

All our therapists work with individuals and couples with sexual and relationship difficulties such as sexual pain/discomfort, erectile disorder, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, low desire, sex addiction and recovery from sexual trauma. They also work with couples struggling with sex post illness such as cancer and MS as well as issues that arise from aging and the menopause. Our main areas of work on top of sexual difficulties are affairs, communication difficulties, parenting struggles, high conflict (face to face therapy only) and divorce/separation work (time limited and fortnightly).

How do we work?

The therapists in this service all believe in working holistically with mind & body and as a result of this they work alongside a specialised physiotherapist. Sylvia Farrell is our pelvic health physiotherapist. She treats both male and female pelvic health conditions, including genital pelvic pain, such as vaginismus and vulvodynia, and erectile and ejaculation disorders.

In our online assessment process we collaborate with the client to decide whether dual work with the physiotherapist is appropriate and whether a specialised short term or open ended model is suitable. This initial consultation is then followed by a team meeting where the assessments are discussed and the therapists together decide who the client should be placed with. If you would like to book an assessment with a member of our team place you can call the clinic on 091 727777 or get in touch via the contact page.

The Couple & Psychosexual Service of EBTC is part of a wider team of clinical psychologists, individual psychotherapists & family therapists as well as physiotherapists. We are an integrated team and can refer to and consult other team members when necessary. EBTC believe that this model allows multifaceted client issues to be addressed within a supportive team environment.


The Team look forward to working with you 😊