Adult Autism Assessment Process at EBTC

Adult Autism Assessment Process

Please note, we are have recruited a new Clinical Psychologist to complete the Adult Autism assessments. However during the changeover there will be a period when assessments will not be happening. This means that there will be a slightly longer wait than usual for an appointment. More details to follow!

1. Call or E-mail our office at Evidence Based Therapy Centre:

  • If you’re interested in an adult (16 years or more) autism assessment, please call our office at 091-727777 or email us at

2. Check your Post:

  • After your email or call, we will post (1) a copy of a consent form for you to review, complete, and sign; and (2) questionnaires for you and an informant (e.g., family member, spouse, or close friend) nominated by you to complete.

3. Complete and Return the Questionnaires

  • We ask you to complete questionnaires to help us gather some background information on your concerns. If you have completed any assessments or reports (e.g., psychology, speech & language, occupational therapy), please provide us with a copy.
  • We will also ask you to have a nominated informant (parent preferred) to complete questionnaires about you to help us understand your concerns from another person’s perspective.

4. We will contact you to book your visit to EBTC:

  • Once we have received your questionnaires/reports, we will score and review the information. This will help us to plan your assessment visit to our office.
  • We will then schedule the assessment visit date with you directly.
  • You will be required to pay 50% of the fee at the point of booking and the balance will need to be paid 2 weeks before your appointment. (Please see our booking and cancellation policy regarding our fees).

5. At your assessment visit:

  • You will be asked to come to the EBTC office along with your nominated informant to meet with the Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Psychologist.
  • We will then review what the visit will look like, which will include time to get to know you better and get comfortable, the autism assessments, as well as any breaks you may request.
  • The autism assessment will include a structured diagnostic interview, activities, and other relevant assessment tools like the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – a tool to help professionals make diagnoses.
  • You and your informant will be given the opportunity to present your perspectives.
  • When appropriate, you or your informant may be asked to wait in the waiting room while we speak alone to you or your informant.
  • The whole assessment visit usually lasts up to 3 hours.

6. Possible follow-up assessment visit:

  • Occasionally, we may provide a second office visit to complete a further diagnostic interview or tests to better understand your needs (namely cognitive, adaptive, and/or mental health) to enable a more accurate identification of the presence of autism, as well as to guide the preparation of recommendations for you.
  • This will incur additional costs that the psychologist will discuss with you.

7. Assessment Feedback and Recommendations:

  • We will compile all the information to collected make a conclusion regarding diagnosis.
  • We will try our best to complete this process as soon as possible (within 2 weeks from your office visit), however, this depends on missing information, co-existing problems, or a requirement for further assessment from another professional (e.g., speech-language, occupational therapist).
  • The Clinical Psychologist will then discuss the diagnosis with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • If required, we will prepare a full report relaying our findings and recommendations.

8. Post-diagnosis review (optional)

  • We would like to meet with each individual that received a diagnosis of Autism within 6 weeks of their feedback appointment.
  • This follow-up session will offer a space for further discussion of the diagnosis and to address questions the individual may have.