Family Therapy ; A Great Resource For Families

Family Therapy ; A Great Resource For Families

As well as providing support and joy, family life can often be challenging. And the challenges can persist even when family members live apart. These challenges are wide ranging and can cover things like:

1. How to manage the care of elderly parents
2. Dealing with family conflict following a will
3. Managing illness (either physical or mental) of one member
4. Finding ways to cope with challenging behaviour of children/adolescents.
5. Chronic conflict between specific family members.
6. Complex bereavement
7. Supporting adult children with neurodiversity

Many families cope with their problems by trying to ignore them or burying them. At other times, some family members join together whilst excluding other members. Some families get stuck in repetitive cycles of conflict or in conversational loops that never change.

Family Therapy at EBTC

Did you know there is a different way? At EBTC, we offer an innovative way of working with families involving two family therapists meeting the family together. This service is solution focussed. It is also generally short term with most families attending for six sessions or less.


What happens when a family attends Family Therapy?

1. Everyone gets a chance to be heard and understood.
2. Everyone decides together what the goals of the meeting should be.
3. The solutions begin to emerge from a safely facilitated conversation by two very experienced therapists.

How do the therapists work?

The two therapists work from a non-judgemental and curious perspective and are trained to ensure that everyone gets a voice and that everyone is part of the solution. The focus is always on the strengths of the system. Oftentimes promising ideas and accommodations can be made between family members working together for a better future in a structured meeting.

Does the whole family have to attend?

It is certainly helpful if everyone can attend but not necessary. Even two members of the family coming to meetings can bring about sustainable and lasting change in the wider family.

Family Therapists Emer Casey and Marian Monteiro offer appointments in EBTC on Tuesday afternoons/evenings. Please contact EBTC on 091 727777 or email to book an assessment appointment.