Lucy Chamberlin


Lucy Chamberlin  (Associate)

Accredited Psychotherapist 

Psychosexual Therapist 

UKCP Registered & Accredited Psychotherapist

EMDR Practitioner

Psychosexual Therapist 



Lucy originally began working in the creative arts and moved into working in a range of corporate environments. Whilst working on a large scale corporate redundancy program her own interest in training as a psychotherapist began while supporting employees to explore their own strengths, challenges and personal development in new roles. This led her to pursue her own training as a psychotherapist and a masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy at Middlesex University and a clinical diploma at Metanoia Institute. Following this she obtained diplomas in EMDR, hypnotherapy and psychosexual therapy.

Clinical Experience

Lucy began working as a therapist over 15 years ago both in the voluntary sector and private sector. In May 2023 she graduated from her Psychosexual Therapy Diploma at Tavistock Relationships. She has taught on several counselling and MSc training courses since 2015 and has run trainings for the NHS on communication skills as well as facilitated a reflective practice group.

She has also worked within the Arts and for charities, including working within a dual diagnosis team supporting inpatients on Acute Psychiatric wards at risk of homelessness. She has experience working in several bereavement services, providing psychotherapy to both inpatients at end of life and outpatients including bereaved family and friends. Lucy was also part of a team offering bereavement support to survivors, witnesses and bereaved family members at the Inquest into the 7/7 London Bombings. She went on to work with adult survivors of sexual abuse within a specialist centre.

Approach to Therapy

Lucy’s life experiences have contributed to a belief that each individual needs to be treated with dignity, respect, humanity and that everyone could benefit from having a non-judgemental space to explore and work on the issues that life brings.

Area of Specialism

Like many people, Lucy’s own sexual education at school was at best poor and predominantly sex negative, for example it presented shaming messages of how to avoid sex and to avoid sexual diseases. None of this prepares an individual to consider how the quality of our lives, our emotional health and our most important relationships can all be affected by how we feel sexually. By identifying and working through our own sexual challenges we can improve our own relationship with sex and pleasure.

Lucy specialises in Psychosexual Therapy which is a talking therapy for couples and individuals that explores any experiences, concerns or emotions that may contribute to some of the common sexual challenges. She has a particular interest in working with couples on the many ways to improve intimate and sexual connection with others. She also welcomes working with different genders and sexualities, LGBTQ couples and individuals. Some common challenges may include pain or discomfort, lack of desire, too much desire, erectile or ejaculatory issues, lack of orgasm or delayed orgasm as well as many other common challenges. She believes anyone can benefit from sex therapy, improving communication and knowledge of our own pleasure and satisfaction.


UKCP, Fully accredited and registered.



Wednesdays and Thursdays

If you would like to book an appointment with Lucy, please call the clinic on 091 727777 or get in touch via the contact page.


Individual Psychosexual Therapy (1 hour online only session) :- €120

Couples Therapy  (1 hour online only session) :- €120