The RISE pain management programme

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The RISE pain management programme

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At Evidence-based Therapy Centre we have developed the RISE programme; a specialist pain management programme. The RISE programme is based upon the latest research and uses a multi-modal approach – this means that it has input from a range of health care professionals including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and clinical psychology.

The RISE programme aims to change pain through movement, mindset, education and understanding.


Overview of the RISE Programme

The RISE Programme is an eight week, group programme. The duration of each session is three hours and the group is held once per week. The sessions will focus on pain education, exercise, functional movement, self-management techniques and mindfulness; tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.


Is the RISE pain management programme for you?

  • Do you have ongoing pain that has lasted for longer than 6 months?
  • Do you want to understand why you are experiencing chronic pain?
  • Are you interested in learning evidenced-based approaches to gain control and to better manage pain?
  • Has your ability to complete daily chores at home declined due to a persisting, painful injury or condition?
  • Are you having difficulty doing activities that you once enjoyed such as walking, sports or going for dinner?
  • Have you noticed changes in your mood, changes in your ability to cope with stressful situations or changes in your desire to socialise?
  • Are you struggling to meet your job demands or are you off work due to persistent pain?



Prior to starting the group, a comprehensive assessment is required to gain an accurate understanding of your condition and concerns; and to allow for the group treatment to be individualised to meet your current needs and ability level. The assessment will determine if you are ready to directly enter the RISE programme. In certain instances, one will require individual treatment prior to entering the group. This helps to ensure that you get the most out of the RISE programme; it is important that the timing of your entry to the programme is suited to your stage of recovery and ability level.

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Occupational Therapy assessment: €90

Physiotherapy Assessment: €90

RISE pain management programme: €1,200


What do I get for this cost?

  • 24 hours of specialised therapy treatment incorporating physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology
  • Input from three specialist disciplines – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology
  • Comprehensive assessment to inform individualised treatment planning, based on your specific needs, concerns and values
  • A true evidence-based treatment program that incorporates recommended approaches outlined in current research and best practice guidelines for best outcomes for those with chronic pain
  • Research shows that the best outcomes for chronic pain are achieved when medical and therapy health care professionals are working together toward a shared set of functional goals – this is the foundation of the team approach in the RISE program. The team at EBTC are committed to communication with the key players of your medical and rehab team
  • Your own personal exercise programme for your continued use at home or in your community
  • Knowledge and confidence on how you can better manage your pain condition; at the end of the programme you will have gained the skills to manage your health and well-being into the future

If you would like further information or would like to book an assessment for the RISE programme, you can call the clinic on 091 727777 or get in touch via the contact page.