Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates in Galway and surrounding areas

Pilates is a form of exercise pioneered by Josef Pilates in the early 20th century. His first generation of students were mainly dancers or involved in the performing arts and the exercises were designed to help them improve control of movement and prevent injury. This first group of students went on to open their own exercise studios. Over the years Pilates has been adapted and is now commonly taught in gyms and health and fitness centres.

Clinical Pilates is different from the standard Pilates program you might see at a gym. Clinical Pilates is taught by a trained and registered health professional (usually a physiotherapist). Also, standard Pilates programs at the gym have a set exercise repertoire for everyone and there is no differentiation for people with different symptoms, pain or pathology.

Clinical Pilates programs are individually tailored and prescribed as a treatment plan to aid recovery. Clinical Pilates is therefore suitable for people with injuries, those recovering from musculoskeletal problems or those who want to prevent recurrence of a problem.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists – Eoin O Conaire & Catherine Browne are qualified to teach Clinical Pilates and have considerable experience in leading fun and stimulating classes that are tailored to participants’ needs. In Eoin’s words:

“In my experience Clinical Pilates is most useful for people who have recovered from the acutely painful stage of their injury and are ready to improve their posture, control of movement, function and prevent relapses. I always see the patients individually first before enrolling them in the class to make sure that they are ready for Pilates and to teach them the basic exercises.”

It is vital that everybody who attends our Clinical Pilates Classes undergoes a full assessment. The purpose of this is to make sure that you are suitable for Pilates and that you will benefit from attending. This initial one-off session also allows the physiotherapist to teach you the basic Pilates exercises on an individual basis. Carrying out these exercises correctly is crucial to gain benefit from the class.

Class times

Catherine Browne runs a Level 1 (Beginners) Clinical Pilates class every Friday at 11.30. She also runs a Level 2 (intermediate) class every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm.

Call us at the clinic on 091 727777 for more details. If you are more interested in post-natal Pilates or Pregnancy Pilates then please read about our FitMum and FitMum-to-be programmes here

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