Neurodiversity Services

Welcome to our neurodiversity service which has been developed by Senior Clinical Psychologists – Dr Natasha Langan and Dr Emer Downey with support from the rest of the team at Evidence-Based Therapy Centre. Here we have information about the Autism and ADHD services available at the clinic. 

We have a number of webpages which we hope will provide a clear overview of the services we provide.


What is Autism?

What is ADHD?

Is diagnosis right for you?

Autism assessments at EBTC

ADHD assessments at EBTC


Support options


Our Language Statement

We understand that there is identity-first (e.g., autistic person) and person-first (e.g., person with ADHD) language to talk about neurodiversity. While identity-first language has become prominent, we know that not everyone chooses to use this language. Here at EBTC, we absolutely respect the right of everyone to choose the language that suits them. As a group of professionals that are not led by a neurodiverse clinician, we have to find a way to navigate the language in a way that is respectful to everyone. As such, we will use identity-first as our default but if this is not your preference, please let us know.

While we understand that Autism and ADHD are neurotypes, of which there are many more, one of the aims in our assessments is to explore whether an individual meets the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These are the labels used by the classification system DSM-5 and are the labels needed by some to access appropriate support from varying services.

We hope this language statement makes it clear that we have carefully considered our position. Our language policy is under constant review and we welcome feedback from the community on this statement.