The Virtual Sanctuary of Online Therapy

April 24, 2024 | By More

by Afrah Al-yufrusi

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

Art Psychotherapist

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a rapid shift towards online platforms for various aspects of life, including mental health care. As someone who has navigated through different forms of therapy over the years, embracing online therapy has been a revelation. While it may feel like a recent development for some, therapy in its myriad forms has existed for different reasons long before the pandemic.

One of the most striking aspects of online therapy is the sense of familiarity and safety it provides. Sitting in a space of your choosing, whether it’s the comfort of your own home or a cosy corner of the garden, creates an environment conducive to openness and vulnerability. In a world where safety and predictability are often elusive, this virtual sanctuary offers a haven for exploration and healing.

The outcomes of online therapy are equally as successful as traditional face-to-face sessions. Through video calls or messaging platforms, therapists are able to forge meaningful connections with their clients, breaking down barriers of distance and accessibility. The convenience of scheduling sessions without the hassle of commuting not only saves time but also eliminates the stress associated with accessibility, navigating traffic, a shorter wait list,  finding parking and so on.  This makes the process more accessible for many people.

Moreover, the choices that are available online ensures that clients can find a therapist who is the right fit for their needs, even if they are located in a different geographic area. This diversity in options empowers individuals to prioritise compatibility and specialisation, ultimately enhancing the therapeutic experience.

As a therapist working online, the experience has been equally enriching from the other side of the screen. Connecting with clients from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations has broadened my understanding of human experiences and cultural nuances. The digital platform transcends boundaries, allowing me to meet people from all over the world who seek support and guidance. This global reach not only fosters a sense of interconnectedness but also promotes cultural exchange and empathy. 

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the modern world, the evolution of therapy towards online platforms serves as a beacon of hope and progress. It is a testament to the resilience of humanity, adapting and thriving in the face of adversity. Embracing this digital frontier of mental health care is not just a response to a global crisis; it is a step towards a more inclusive, accessible, and compassionate future.


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