Autism Service Fees

Autism assessment & psychological report: 1200

Note. A psychological report is a report that a psychologist writes to summarise the autism assessment, including the name of tests, procedures that were used, the results of those tests, procedures, and any observations, and given specific intervention and service recommendations individualised for the client.

Important: Please note that you will be required to pay 50% of the fee at the point of booking and the balance will need to be paid at your appointment. For example: 

  • Autism Initial (1hr) consultation booking fee €150  – Paid at the point of booking. 
  • If you decide to go ahead with the full Autism assessment you have a balance of €1050 which is split over two payments :-
  • Autism full (3hr) assessment booking fee €450  – Paid at the point of booking this appointment ; this fee can be refunded or transferred up to 1 week before your appointment.  But not after this. 
  • Autism feedback (1hr) appointment – the balance fee of €600 needs to be paid in advance of the feedback appointment on the day of your full assessment.

In more complex cases, we may need to complete further diagnostic testing (namely cognitive, adaptive, and/or mental health) to enable a more accurate identification of the presence of autism. As such, we will request an additional assessment visit.

Individual Therapy: €150 for the first session, €150 for each session thereafter

Consultation: €150 for the first session, €150 for each session thereafter

Please see our booking and cancellation policy regarding our fees regarding therapy.