Therapeutic packages

The couples and psychosexual therapy team have developed  collaborations with other specialist therapists at Evidence-Based Therapy Centre. For complex cases that require the expertise of different specialities, this joint-working facilitates the best outcomes. Here are some examples of packages of care combining the expertise of our different specialists.

Combined Physiotherapy & Psychosexual Therapy

This is a 12 session model that combines  psychological and physiological treatment for sexual dysfunction. It includes three sessions with pelvic health physiotherapist Sylvia Farrell which occur at the beginning, middle and end of treatment. There are 12 sessions with a psychosexual therapist. It is geared for couples or individuals who are presenting with specific sexual dysfunctions such as genital pelvic pain disorder, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and erectile disorder. It is not suitable for couples who have relationship difficulties beyond the sexual sphere.

If you are interested in this model then please book in an appointment with the psychosexual team for a full consultation.

Any sessions post the 12 with the physio or psychosexual therapist would be paid at the normal rate.

Total Cost: €1200


Separation & Divorce

This is a 10 session fortnightly model that helps couples work together through the practical and emotional trials of separating. It may include a practical focus around living situations and communicating what is happening with the children, but it will also encourage reflection and mourning for the relationship.

This is not an appropriate model for couples who have not yet decided whether they want to separate or not; please consider the open ended therapy option if you are unsure or considering separation. If you are agreed that you are going to separate and you are interested in this separation focused model please book a consultation with the couple service and we can let know if it is appropriate.

Total Cost : 1200


Open Ended therapy

This therapy is psychosexual and/or relational focused.

This is an open ended weekly therapy approach that can integrate relationship skills, psychodynamic exploration and psychosexual therapy. It allows for the work to go deeper into family dynamics both current and historic. It looks for repeated patterns from childhood that are being replayed in the current couple dynamic and suggests way to understand, accept or solve this. It is a good model for couples who are aware that difficulties within their families of origin or any historic traumas are impacting the current relationship. It is an appropriate model for psychosexual presentations that might be linked to unconsensual or abusive past experiences or for couples who are presenting with sexual difficulties on top of communication, arguing and other relational difficulties. It is appropriate for any psychosexual presentations linked to long term illness like cancer, MS & chronic pain where a less pressurised time environment allows the build up to physical intimacy to occur at the right pace. It gives space and time for deeper work and reflection to occur in a non-goal orientated environment. The ending can occur at any time the couple or individual feel ready. There is also the option for couples or individuals to be seen more than once weekly if weekly sessions do not feel enough.

If you are interested in this therapy please book a consultation with the couple team.

Cost: TBC- dependant on therapist and number of sessions.

If you are interested in any of these packages of therapy, you can call the clinic on 091 727777 or get in touch via the contact page