Senior Physiotherapist new assessment (1 hour)€120
Physiotherapist follow-up appointment (30 mins)€65
Senior Physiotherapist follow-up appointment (45 mins)€90
Senior Physiotherapist follow-up appointment (1 hour)€120
External physiotherapy supervision (1 hour)€120
Psychological Services assessment (60 mins) €150
Lead Clinical Psychologist follow-up appointment (Dr Roisin Joyce)€140
Senior Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist follow-up appointment (60 mins)€120
Lead Couples / Psychosexual Therapy assessment and follow-up (60 mins)€140 per couple per session
Psychotherapist follow-up appointment (60 mins)€100
Physiotherapy classes (8 sessions)€160
External supervision with Dr Roisin Joyce (1 hour)€120

All psychology sessions require payment in advance to secure the booking.  We will provide you with receipts for all payments so that if you have medical insurance you can make a claim. Depending on your policy, you may be able to claim back the entire cost or a proportion of your treatment costs. 

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