Physiotherapist new assessment (1 hour)€100
Physiotherapist follow-up appointment (30 mins)€60
Pelvic Health Physiotherapy new assessment (1 hour)€100
Pelvic Health Physiotherapy follow-up appointment (45mins)€75
Pelvic Health Physiotherapy follow-up appointment (30 mins)€60
Psychological Services assessment€120
Clinical Psychology new assessment (60 mins)€120
Clinical Psychology follow-up appointment (60 mins)€120
Couples' Therapy assessment and follow-up with Linsey Blair€120 per couple per session
Balance & Bone Builders class (8 sessions)€160
Flex & Move class (8 sessions)€120
Runner's (p)rehab programme (8 sessions)€120

New assessments require payment in advance to secure the booking. Thereafter, payment is on the day of the appointment with cash or debit / credit cards. We will provide you with receipts for all payments so that if you have medical insurance you can make a claim. Depending on your policy, you may be able to claim back the entire cost or a proportion of your treatment costs. 

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