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Special measures regarding COVID-19

 We understand that this is a worrying time for everyone. Indeed the psychological stress of the Covid-19 crisis can have significant impact on peoples’ underlying psychological wellbeing and exacerbate underlying physical and mental health difficulties. This is why we are committed to continuing to provide as safe and effective a service as possible in the circumstances.

New Level 5 Restrictions starting 22/10/20

Under advice we are continuing to provide therapy appointments at Evidence-Based Therapy Centre

Following the advice of the Government of Ireland, the Department of Public Health and the guidance of our professional organisations, we have put in place special policies and procedures to help reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 for our patients, therapists, and admin team.

Appointments for psychological therapy

Telehealth (videoconferencing) appointments will be offered to all patients undergoing psychological therapy. These have been very successful over the past few months and many patients have told us that they have been delighted with being able to continue their therapy online. 

Appointments for physiotherapy

Face-to-face appointments (with risk assessment and additional precautions) will continue for physiotherapy appointments providing there are no significant risk factors or underlying health issues that make contracting Covid-19 more serious. Where appropriate, telehealth appointments can be offered.

Booking a face-to-face consultation

  1. All patients should call the centre on 091 727777 to find a suitable appointment time. New patients will need to register their details.
  2. Our secretary will email you an informed consent and risk assessment form for you to complete.
  3. If you have no risk factors and the risk assessment is straightforward then you can proceed to have a face-to-face appointment. However is some cases your therapist may call you to discuss the informed consent process and to weigh up the risks and benefits. You will then make a collaborative decision as to whether face-to-face consultation is advisable.

If you have any other concerns then our admin team are available on 091 727777


Couples Therapy, Physiotherapy, Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy in Galway and surrounding areas

We are a group of experienced health care professionals dedicated to providing scientifically validated treatments to alleviate physical and psychological problems. We currently provide Physiotherapy, Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy, Adult Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Couples therapy & Psychosexual therapy.

At EBTC we are committed to the scientist-practitioner model which means that we

  • Apply scientifically valid methods, tools and techniques
  • Review and appraise the research literature in a systematic way to keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and thinking
  • Suggest treatment options based on the best available evidence
  • Objectively record outcomes
  • Are committed to conducting practice-based research

This means that our patients get better quicker with fewer visits, less expense and fewer relapses.

Contact us for physiotherapy, women’s health physiotherapy men’s health physiotherapyadult clinical psychology, psychotherapy, couples therapy & psychosexual therapy  in Galway and surrounding areas.

What is evidence-based therapy?

evidence based therapy centreEvidence-based therapy involves three concepts. The first involves using the best available research to inform clinical practice. The second is listening to the patient to understand what is important to that individual. The third involves using the expertise of the clinician gained through undergraduate and postgraduate training. Our approach embodies all of these concepts to get the best possible outcomes for our patients.

It takes a lot of dedication, effort and expense to stay up-to-date with all of the latest research. At the Evidenced-Based Therapy Centre we are committed to this challenge as ultimately it brings the most efficient and effective treatment for our patients.

Asking the important questions of your health care provider
When you go to see any healthcare professional it is important to be empowered with as much knowledge as possible about your condition and the treatment options.

This “health literacy” is core to our ethos at the Evidence-Based Therapy Centre and we encourage our patients to challenge us with lots of questions. After the initial assessment, you should have a good understanding of the reason for your difficulties and be well on the way to having answers to the following questions

• Why has this happened to me?
• How long will it take to get better?
• What can I do to help myself?
• What can health care professionals do to help me?
• What is the relevant research evidence?

If you think we can help, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch for more information about physiotherapy treatment, women’s health physiotherapy, adult clinical psychology and child and adolescent clinical psychology in Galway and the surrounding areas. Read some examples of how adult clinical psychology physiotherapy and women’s health physiotherapy have helped other clients.


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